TOP Rated English movies of 2020


1. Bloodshot Movie Review : A thrilling leap of sci-fi imagination.

REVIEW: With an indestructible body and brute strength, the slain US Marine Ray Garrison is revived as ‘Bloodshot’ – a biotech killing machine like no other. Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce) breathes new life into Garrison’s body but robs him of all the memories of his past life.

A life that is cut short by a psycho killer, who kills Ray’s wife Gina Garrison (Talulah Riley) in cold blood, before killing him too.

Based on the Valiant Comics character with the same name, ‘Bloodshot’ sets off with a solid premise for a revenge drama. Add to that, a wholesome dose of sci-fi tropes, give the narrative a thrilling leap of imagination.

Like the microscopic ‘nanites’ running in Ray’s bloodstream that can magically heal fatal injuries and give him unbridled power. Within seconds, he can download and learn manuals to fly an aircraft just as easily as he can punch down concrete pillars ดูหนังฟรี.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review : Fast and hilarious.

REVIEW: With great power come great problems. Sonic the cute blue hedgehog is blessed with blazing speed but he must keep running to stay alive. In his quest to survive, he lands up in a sleepy American town called Green Hills.

Here, he finds all the peace, tranquility and anonymity he seeks. But being amidst the humans, Sonic yearns to have friends and this lands him in trouble.

With a simple yet entertaining plot, director Jeff Fowler capitalises on the iconic video game character Sonic’s histrionics, quite well. Voiced to perfection by Ben Schwartz, Sonic is an endearing and lively character.

Not only for his new and improved looks but also for his constant jibber-jabber that bring in many laugh out loud moments. His dialogues are witty and laced with clean, contemporary humour that make him instantly lovable. Another likable character is the friendly neighbourhood county sheriff Tom Wachowski (James Marsden).

James plays Tom with an easy charm. His love-hate equation with Sonic and their constant banter are fun to watch. In fact, their bromance is one of the highlights of the film and it develops quite organically.

Tom’s wife Maddie (Tika Sumpter) is perfectly supportive, despite relatively less screen time. But it’s Jim Carrey as the goofy and eccentric Dr. Robotnik, who goes all out, sporting crisp ‘Men in Black’ kinda suits and a handlebar moustache.

Carrey’s quite a hoot as the evil villain who talks to himself, doesn’t let others talk and dances like no one’s watching.

3. Bad Boys For Life Movie Review : The bad boys are back in action.

REVIEW: It’s the year 2020 and Marcus now wants to lead a peaceful family life away from all the violence. But his partner in crime Mike cannot let go so easily because this time, the horrors of his past have come to haunt him and it’s destroying the world around him.

He must do what it takes to protect himself and exact revenge, but first, he needs to convince Marcus to get back into the game.

It’s a simple plot with many new additions in the cast. But the one who leaves a lasting impact is the film’s main villain Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio) – a strapping young leader of a Mexican drug cartel, whose lethal blows totally belie his baby-face good looks.

Mexican-American actress Kate del Castillo is also impressive as the ruthless widow Isabel Aretas, who literally calls the shots in this high-octane action comedy.

The new crack team called AMMO led by Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens) has more young blood (Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton) and they inject the much needed freshness into the proceedings.

However, it’s the film’s leading duo who take their perfect camaraderie a notch higher. They’re the strongest when together. Whether it is Will Smith’s towering persona and swashbuckling punches or Martin’s poker-faced humour, it works.


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