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Glory Road

Glory Road

The film is based on the true story of Don Haskins (Josh Lucas), a young university coach who is brave enough to break the old rule by bringing together the best basketball players who have been ignored by other coaches. Come together as one team. 

The talent of this group of athletes has created a new phenomenon in the basketball industry. When a minority team like them go forward to announce their skills to be hilarious Until it won the title of the number 1 team of the national championship to win a great. Movie HD

The Pursuit of Happyness

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do that. When the child has a dream You must protect it. ”A father’s teachings to his own children to be faithful and faithful to their dreams.

Chris Gardner, the head of the family who brought money to Uncle Fund and a bone scanner. But when entering the economic downturn Causing them to become luxury and difficult to sell. The family had to face serious financial difficulties. No money to pay for accommodation. Also had to part ways with his wife And he himself had to scout and find work

For Chris Gardner, his tips are simply. “Determination and effort” is something that everyone has in them. But how many people will take these things out? Do everything in your life to achieve your dreams. In addition to determination and effort, he is a smart person. 

Including humility, respect, and friendly relations with those around Make him loved and accepted by colleagues. Became another key that led him to the dream land This could be a small trick that many people might have overlooked.


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