Arteta, finger, very strong gun, game to kill the saint.

Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager Come out to see the work of the team who play strong in every area until they can take revenge Southampton success UFA.

The Gunners defeated Southampton 3-1 in the Premier League last Tuesday, pushing the Gunners up to 30 points from 20 games and holding 8th in the table.

“I think we did well from the start of the game. We conceded a goal from a corner but responded immediately. Play well with the ball. Shake off problems and create opportunities to inform. Our pressing is amazing. We countered well. It’s a strong performance.”

When asked about Nicolas Pepe who scored the first goal for the team “He’s doing well again. He created a big opportunity Today he deserved a chance and he took it.

On the performance of Bukayo Saka, one goal and an assist. “He has a great continuation. He played in different positions and adapted. He’s a support player. Today is a strong performance again.”

Finish with the result “It’s not easy to win here. They are strong and in form It shows a lot of intelligence and resurgence from the teams in the way they manage the games.

“We still have a lot to do, we need to develop our modesty and practice well for the next game.”


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