Emerson Lampard nudged Harry’s help.

Paul Emerson

Paul Emerson, a former midfielder of Arsenal Hill pokes Frank Lampard said Chelsea to seek advice from Harry Redknapp, who is the uncle of himself UFABET.

Lampard has been working under pressure from a shocking fallout in the league in the last few months that the tide has been stripped of his position. Which Paul Emerson says the Blues boss should be seeking advice. from Harry’s team is experiencing a very seasoned.

“Frank Lampard scored a goal like coach Harry bite sites to help job at Chelsea, he can use a discussion board that is not a threat to his job. But he has a lot of knowledge and can give him good advice, ”Emerson said through the Daily Star.

“I don’t know if Frank will have contact with people like this and offer him a role in the club yet. You can’t tell me Ole Gunnar Solcha doesn’t call Sir Alex Ferguson for advice at Manchester United. “

“I still think Chelsea should give him time. But he needs someone to stand by. The more experienced Jody Morris, in my opinion, Lampard had to turn the tables back quickly or be unemployed – but I can not help thinking that the assistance from someone with experience at Harry. How can you help? “


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