Blazers – Grizzlies postponed 16th game.

Portland Trail Blazers

The NBA Basketball League ordered the postponement of the regular season game on Wednesday, Jan. 20, between Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies to add another pair after finding that the treasure Memphis power is less than eight people, as a result of COVID-19 health and safety measures. UFABET

The results of the investigation showed the exposure risk in the team ‘s Maurice Oxley left many with only presenter Jonah’s Eve Alan Silva Una’s only been in the list, it can clear himself out on. Active group But not enough to reach the minimum 8 cases anyway.  

Trail Blazers in the grip G Oxley’s scheduled to fight again raised at Moda Center this Friday (22 m . C .) It must follow that time, 48 hours ahead of the players ‘ bear looks ‘ recovered. Come back or not.

Scrolling games of this aftermath of the detection of virus infected Corona League last between 13-20 hours . C . Found a positive athletes out of 11 people. 

It is positive that the number of new infections continued to decline after the first 16 cases a week or two of the 27 cases.  

However, with the number of games postponed 16 matches already accumulated Due to the lack of at least 8 active players before the tip – off, the league and the players’ union jointly voted to ban athletes and staff from hugging each other on the field before and after the match. To prevent the risk of infection with another layer of virus.


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