Streaming media is a kind of media delivery, utilizes the least amount or even no intermediary storage. This method of delivery allows for the continuous delivery of multi-media content without interruptions. On the world of Internet, streaming media is increasingly popular for providing content to the user. The benefits include greater range of flexibility as well as higher performance. While its usage is growing in popularity, it’s not widely used for any media format.

Streaming Media has become a popular way to watch audio and video content. You can speed-forward, stop and rewind the content. You can skip ads and commercials as well as data that isn’t ordered. Streaming Media was popularized in the early 1990s, as technology improved network speeds. These technologies also allowed for higher bandwidth, which was critical for stream media’s performance.

The streaming of media is one type of media delivery which makes use of technology like the World Wide Web to deliver content to the user’s personal computer. The technology lets you view and listen to media that is transmitted from a server directly to your computer, or to your mobile device. This means that users no longer have to wait hours in order to download the media. Previously, users would have wait for hours to get a short media file for it to download onto the computer.